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What we do

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MIRA is a platform designed to capture and analyze quantitative and unbiased data of the quality and experience of services such as Voice, Data and Video offered by telecommunication providers.

Gathering the right data allows you to determine an exact representation of the user experience. Our platform provides tools to collect

and analyze data in real-time 24x7 enabling the detection of impairments improving opportunities and controlling your Customer Quality of Experience.

How we do It

The Customer Experience Continuous Improvement Flow


Small, resilient Telco grade appliance that runs every test capturing End User Experience.

Multiple access technologies from fixed (xDSL, HFC, GPON, Satellite) to mobile (2G/3G/4G) and WiFi 802.11ac

GPS can be attached to support on the move field tests.

High speed plans can be tested over 500Mbps real.

Easy to install and non obtrusive facilitates massive local or end client premises deployments.


Every probe and its data is monitored 24x7 in real time independent of access properties, like NAT, private IP, etc.

Full support for SNMP lets you use your own monitoring infrastructure.

It doesn't serve much just to gather data for analysis and not to be informed in real time when a problem or even a probe is down.


A rich visualization platform that shows each KPI/KQI in a comprensible and geolocated way.

Enabling different ways to display every piece of information, including dashboards, time series, reproducing the audio and video experience and easy exporting data lets you focus on the quality not the data.


Massive data generated by thousands of probes let us answer complex questions.

Optimization & Evaluation

This data lets you take action and improve your client experience.


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